Installation of Solar Panels in San Diego

With about 70 % of the year in sunshine, it makes sense to install solar panels in San Diego. Using the suns’ rays to give us free energy will ultimately lower our energy costs to our homes and businesses.

Installing solar panels on a homes’ roof is possible on most every type of roof there is. If one has a tile roof, shank shingle, flat, or steep roof, as long as there is enough space for solar panels, installation is possible.  It is probably a good idea to make sure that your roof is in good shape being installing solar panels.  If there is any damage or leaks, ensuring that your roof is ready for panels is the first step before going solar.

If you have a composite shingle roof, most likely installation of solar panels will be attached using rails which then bolting mounts are used into the strongest roof rafters. Solar panel installers will also add sealants and/or flashing around these mounts to fill in any gaps and to ensure it is rain proof.

Flat roofs installation of solar panels will probably include a type of ballast to keep panels stable and racks to position of the panels at the ideal angle. If you have a type of roof made out of clay tile, it is usually unavoidable to break a few during the transportation and installation of the solar panels.  Any broken tiles will be replaced once the installer is finished.

There are some cases when a roof is facing the wrong way or is blocked and covered in shade.  In these instances, there is an alternative to placing solar panels elsewhere rather than one’s roof.  The installer can place the panels on a pole mounted system in your backyard. Some space is required along with building a trench to run wired from the poles back to your home’s electric system.

Once solar panels are installed, one can enjoy the benefits of free electricity right away.  Solar panels still work even if it is a clouded day. As long as the sun rises each day, use of solar will always be the smart choice.

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