Solar Power Basics: daylight and Semiconductors

Solar power is that the energy generated by solar panels when daylight shines upon a solarcell. Solar panels produce DC power that then is converted to AC power by an inverter.

The inverter, in turn, feeds the building it’s connected to. looking on website specifics and also the quantity of solar panels put in, a solar power system will generate up to 100% of a structure’s energy wants.

As a result, it’s potential for the owner of a property to effectively eliminate his energy bill and in doing thus facilitate the atmosphere by reducing power plant exhaust gas. In one minute enough energy falls from the sky to power the planet for a whole year. it’s time to harness this energy.

Solar Photovoltaic Technology isn’t new. Silicon based mostly solar modules were originally created commercially viable within the us by Bell Laboratories within the 50’s. Solar power systems were originally employed by little remote electrical hundreds where it absolutely was not sensible to herald utility lines. Solar panels were conjointly used to fuel house exploration because the us entered the house race.